Top 10 White-Label Remittance Software Solutions Providers in 2024

White-Label Remittance Software

The remittance industry has transformed digitally in the last few years, and fintech companies have become significant players. Among the solutions currently on the market, white-label remittance software solutions are trendy among providers of international money transfer services who want to offer their customers a convenient, secure, and inexpensive method of cross-border money transfer.

The report by Grand View Research shows the value of the remittance software market size at $6.1 billion in 2020 and its growth rate at 11.2% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Remittances are a significant part of the world economy, where billions of people are sending and receiving money to different countries daily. Digital remittance companies prove to be a great source of income for very many countries that are still developing, and they contribute up to 10% of GDP.

This blog talks about the Top 10 White-Label Remittance Software Solutions Providers in 2024

Tech Remit

Tech Remit delivers white-label remittance software solutions that automate remittance processing and, as a result, make the remittance process more accessible for businesses. The company provides a complete solution for safe and transparent cross-border payments, allowing businesses to personalize their remittance platform by their brand identity. Tech Remit’s white-label remittance software solution provides many features, such as real-time processing of transactions and smooth integration with the ecosystem, mobile wallet integration, multilayer security and regulatory compliance, and automated AML and KYC integration.
The solution ensures businesses have a one-stop remittance solution, guaranteeing continuous development, regular updates, feature enhancements, and performance optimizations. Tech Remit’s white-label remittance software solution provides personalized, in-depth, industry-expert guidance from its partners and long-term collaboration based on trust and partnership. The solution involves robust security features and compliance with the KYC/AML standards, which guarantees the secure and compliant environment regulators require.

Webcom Systems

Webcom Systems is a pioneer in white-label remittance software development. For over 18 years, It has built a good name by offering its clients hassle-free, scalable, and tailor-made remittance and money transfer solutions that allow them to provide smooth cross-border payment services. With Webcom Systems’ white-label remittance software solutions, you can enjoy many features, including real-time, multi-currency support, automated compliance checks, and robust security measures.


NetRemit introduces white-label cross-border payment software solutions that empower businesses to efficiently send and receive money anytime, anywhere, and securely. NetRemit’s remittance software solution under white label provides potent functions that make the payment process more manageable, such as instant payments, support for different currencies, effective FX management, and reliable customer onboarding with global compliance. The solution explicitly matches the needs of financial institutions that wish to advance their market possibilities.
The white-label remittance software solution of NetRemit is equipped with an array of features that allow for an easy remittance process. These features include real-time transaction processing, seamless ecosystem integration, mobile wallet integration, security and compliance, and automatic AML and KYC integration.


Velmie is a fintech company specializing in banking, mobile wallet solutions, and white-label remittance platforms. Their solutions are designed for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer functionalities such as P2P payments, money transfers, e-commerce loyalty programs, and company payroll integrations. Velmie’s portfolio includes multi-currency blockchain wallets and country-wide mobile payment systems integrated with the central banks.

Velmie has been recognized as a significant player in the market, with a history of high-quality and cutting-edge offerings. The company’s partnership with Currencycloud, the leading cross-border payment and FX processing platform, offers a complete white-label remittance platform with access to various currencies and low-cost FX rates. Velmie’s white-label remittance solutions have allowed the company to be among the industry leaders that provide modern, safe, and low-cost cross-border money transfer services to businesses of all sizes.

Remit One

RemitONE is among the remittance solution providers who also provide white-label options for businesses. It serves both small and large enterprises as well as those in between. Their services encompass technology, licensure knowhow, pre-built networks for transferring money. As a result, firms can brand and introduce their remittance business to the market without any difficulties but with attention on customers. Having received innovation and security accolades, RemitONE is a noticeable competitor in this white-label remittance industry.


Cymonz white label software solutions offer a range of features that simplify the remittance process for businesses, including real-time transaction processing, seamless ecosystem integration, mobile wallet integration, security & compliance and automated AML and KYC integration. Cymonz white-label software solutions are built on top-notch technologies. They are made in a way that makes them scalable, secure, and customizable to meet the business needs of any organization.

Sdk. finance supplies ready-made white-label remittance software solutions that assemble the tools for businesses to launch the P2P payment or remittance app.

Their software comes with a range of features out of the box, including self-registration, flexible survey and document uploading, KYC automated via pre-integrated vendors or manual via back-office interface, two-factor authentication, accounts in any currency, ledger for accounting and reflection in the system of any currencies or digital assets, card issuing, IBANs, ACH, top-ups and withdrawals, payment gateway operations, in-system transfers or payments, in-system currency exchange, external currency exchange, payment link, QR-payments, refund, and chargeback, identifying suspicious transactions, communication with clients and creating notes, chats with customers via in-system messaging service, notes about a customer for future, log of system activities by clients and team members, and complete details: logins, sessions, steps executed.

Among all the features, these functionalities are the basis upon which companies can be built to develop their own remittance apps, with the assurance that it will only take at least a year of development time via the technology of white labelling the app’s core transaction engine.


Paytop is a French company established in 2012 focusing on global online transaction processing. The company provides a white-label mobile remittance application regulated by the ACPR (Bank of France) and authorized to provide payment services in 27 European countries and the UK.
Paytop’s services aim to significantly benefit customers of the leading banking and insurance networks and a wide range of payment systems.

The company uses a multi-product strategy to innovate digital applications for customers who use its services for international payments and transfers. The Paytop white-label solution allows businesses to maximize the value of their remittance business with worldwide coverage. The system offers a very quick go-to-market and fully customizable services. The company’s commitment is to create advanced and hassle-free financial products, allowing businesses to provide international payment facilities to their clients.


Veengu is a company offering white-label money remittance software for fintech businesses. This means Veengu provides the core technology for companies like digital wallets and cross-border payment hubs to build their remittance services on, all under their own branding. Veengu’s platform promises faster launch times, strong compliance features, security, and multicurrency support for a smooth remittance experience.

Blockchain App Factory

The Blockchain App Factory provides a fully-fledged white-label remittance software solution that allows businesses to start cross-border money transfer services quickly. They offer high-end features to guarantee safe and secure transactions, such as robust multi-factor authentication systems and comprehensive encryption protocols to protect the confidentiality and integrity of financial information. Moreover, their solution supports multiple currencies, allowing businesses to provide their customers with the chance to send and receive money in their desired currencies. Blockchain App Factory, with its strong proficiency in blockchain technology and an extensive team of technically skilled developers, has become a significant player in the white-label remittance software solutions market by providing businesses with an opportunity to use the latest technology and offer their customers borderless money transfer services that are efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

Bottom Line

The global migration market will soon experience a boom, given worldwide globalization, rising numbers of immigrants, and digital payments. The money transfer industry benefits fintech companies and payment service providers.

Due to the many high-performing money transfer companies, finding a solution that satisfies your requirements for the type of money transfer may be challenging. Tech Remit is a leading provider of software solutions for remittance businesses. They offer tools to build platforms for sending and receiving money internationally. Their software boasts security, scalability, and white-labeling options for branding. This allows businesses to create their money transfer services.

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