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Our vision is to provide a Robust Financial platform to Automate & Simplify complex workflows, by unifying payments, processes, control, reconciliation and reporting. Consolidate Entities, Geographies and Payment Methods in One Report only.

About Us

Tech Remit Solution is an enterprise solution that has been developed and refined over a period of more than five years of continuous development.

Our system has been built to meet the needs of all types of Remittance Businesses and money transfer operators. It has been developed after thorough research and understanding of the market therefore comply with the industry standards and need.
Our Integrated Partners and Services

Tech Remit A Product by Webcom Systems

Powered by Webcom Systems, a pioneering IT company established in 1998, we stand as a Fintech Solution Hub and consulting company with a strong presence in Australia, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Turkey. With over two decades of experience, we have excelled in diverse technology stacks, offering globally acclaimed products to clients worldwide.
TechRemit streamlines operations in a multi-currency environment, offering expertise in foreign exchange (FX) and cross-border money transfers. Our innovative approach allows you to swiftly expand your global footprint. We provide a range of modular solutions that facilitate seamless collection, conversion, and payouts for businesses engaged in international transactions. All our services are built on innovative APIs and cloud technology, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Payout Partners Integration

Introducing a comprehensive solution for launching, operating, and expanding your global remittance services, equipped with seamlessly integrated tech solutions from industry leaders and payout network partners such as Ripple, Currency Cloud, PaymentRails, Nium, Tranglo, MoneyMatch, Monoova, Hello Zai, Zepto, and many more.

KYC/KYB Partners Integration

Tech Remit offers a fully customized solution tailored to your specific needs, ensuring compliance with jurisdiction regulations. Our automated AML onboarding and ongoing monitoring system significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. Seamlessly and risk-free, our system automates customer onboarding in real time, empowered by AML risk databases from our KYC.

Why Tech Remit

Ready to Go Remittance Application that suits to the scalability plan of your Remit Business

Tailored to Your Needs

Our cutting-edge solution is entirely customizable, allowing you to design it according to your preferences. We craft the application based on your chosen payment network partners and transaction processing requirements. If you’re seeking a bespoke solution for your remittance business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Us for a custom-tailored experience.

Empower Your Compliance Strategies

With Tech Remit, you have the flexibility to establish your own compliance rules, essential for meeting your license obligations. You can set up dynamic rules to scrutinize and process every transaction according to the compliance regulations defined by you. Take control of your compliance processes with our customizable solutions.

Intelligent Transaction Routing

Experience seamless transactions with our Smart Transaction Routing engine, driven by AI technology. This secure processing system efficiently manages transactions, handling multiple requests and responses from various partners and services. Rest assured, your transactions are in capable hands with our advanced AI-powered technology.
Our values

What we stand for

Unified Strength

Collective creativity and intelligence fuel our teamwork. Collaborating with clients builds trust and alignment.

Equitable Transactions

Transparent, usage-based billing ensures you pay for what you need—no more, no less. Upfront, clear pricing devoid of hidden fees.

Embrace Humanity

We celebrate diversity and a touch of eccentricity. We cherish the bold and the courageous. We lend an ear, extend support, and treat others as we’d like to be treated.


We get up every day with a single thought to back our Clients to be Bold and Go Further, Faster. Say goodbye to multiple bank portals, extra fees, Compliance, Reconciliation & Invoices worry.

Price Evolution

Our mission Is to Cut Prices as Much as Possible by Sparking a Financial Revolution, Aiming for Eventual Economic Freedom.

Own It

We hold ourselves & each other accountable for the decisions we make & actions we take. We own the results & learn fast from failure & success.

Our Mission

TechRemit’s Mission is to share our expertise with any business out there who is struggling to make cross-border and multi-currency solutions part of their offering. We are passionate about Embedded Finance and believe it’s the future. We predict a future where every company will be a Fintech company and we want to back the bold who are part of the revolution.

With various options for sending transfers to Loved ones overseas, including bank transfer, mobile money and cash pickup, we’ve made it convenient for you to send & receive money. 95% of our transfers are ready in minutes and with more than 1000+ Businesses five star reviews, you can be sure that your money is in safe hands.

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While Crafting Your Platform. We Sweat the Technicalities, So You be Relaxed & Thrive in Your Business World.

While Crafting Your Platform. We Sweat The Technicalities, So You Be Relaxed & Thrive In Your Business World.

Minakshi Kamra – Director

Transactions that Don’t need a Passport

Superior Technology

Cross-border and multi-currency payment infrastructure that empowers developers to innovate. Built by & for developers on a stable platform.

Proven Results

TechRemit makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch new financial services, we also lend a hand to traditional banks who want to innovate.

Unparalleled Expertise

We’re helping the global economy by taking out the friction that exists in traditional methods. We go the extra mile and love every minute of it.

World Class Infrastructure

We’ve built a seamless infrastructure and it’s about more than just our tech. It’s the regulatory access reassuring you that you and your customers are in safe hands.

Our Core Values

We get up every day with a single thought to back our Clients to be Bold and Go Further, Faster. Say goodbye to data entry across multiple bank portals, extra fees, Compliance Worry, Manual Reconciliation, Invoices generation & Coding.

Better Together

We work as a team, unleashing our collective creativity & intelligence. Client collaboration ensures we are pulling in the same direction & building trust.

Fair for All

Pay for Your Usage only, Nothing More or Less and No Unwarranted Charges. Crystal Clear Upfront Pricing & Abstain from Concealing Fees.

Be Human

We embrace diversity & a little bit of quirkiness. We love the bold and the brave. We listen, support others, treat others the way we want to be treated.

Price Evolution

Our mission Is to Cut Prices as Much as Possible by Sparking a Financial Revolution, Aiming for Eventual Economic Freedom.

Own It

We hold ourselves & each other accountable for the decisions we make & actions we take. We own the results & learn fast from failure & success.

100+ currencies, one account

Send, receive, and manage funds in 100+ different currencies with a multi-currency business account.

Set Sail on Your Business Odyssey with Tech Remit as Your Trusted Partner

Finance-as-a-Service Solution Providers

Our team includes Exceptional Individuals that are Recognized Leaders in their fields.